The New Advantage New Advantage Command Cabinets are manufactured using the finest and most durable materials. Units are custom designed to fit any SUV or Van and to the needs of the customers equipment or requirements. Framed with polyester laminated marine grade and HDO plywood manufactured in the U.S.A. Wear surfaces are coated with Kevlar reinforced TrueGuard or rubber-backed marine carpeting. Interior and exterior drawer edges trimmed with black PVC T-molding. Drawer exterior faces and doors are lightly textured High Density Polyethylene. All drawers have stainless steel ball bearing slides. The highest quality latches and hardware used in Emergency Vehicles are standard. It is our mission to provide our customers the very best in quality craftsmanship, world class American Made materials, when possible, and above all treat our customers even better then we expect to be treated in any business transaction. We believe that Service starts when you call our number. And don’t worry about pushing any buttons, we speak English here. We pledge to get back to any missed calls within 4 hours. We founded New Advantage Command Cabinet Systems nearly 10 years ago because dealers and vehicle outfitters came to TrueTech USA, Ltd. and asked us to find a quality cabinet maker. They were tired of buying from unscrupulous vendors that would give them a quote for a cabinet then take the lead and bid it direct to the end user department. Then there were the quality issues of bare wood, MDO and saw dust boards, stapled together and covered in cheap carpeting held in place with contact cement that covered up poor fit and finish. The plastic trim would crack in cold weather, the carpet would fray and tear loose at the edges and if the carpet got wet it would stink while some substrates would warp, buckle and delaminate. Some manufactures didn’t even use drawer slides which meant you had to slide the drawer on its bottom like an old chest with drawers. When you put a load in the drawer you had to have two handles to pull it open and a good hip budge to push it back in. Vehicle vibrations would shake some apart while others sagged so badly you couldn’t pull the drawers open. Some even used Chinese plywood that gave off a sickening odor that lingered for months in a vehicle. Steel cabinets answered many of these issues but they are limited to fixed designs, rattles and have to be made in sufficient quantities to make them financially feasible.
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If you are interested in big savings, we always have a few demo units for shows and conferences.  Give us a call today and we’ll send you info on what we have available.


Demo, Immediately Available

$2525 + freight (Regular $3150 + freight)

Dimensions: 48W x 40D x 24H Flip up Command Board with 3 writing surfaces and underneath storage.  File drawer with lift out tub included.  Small equipment drawer and large SCBA area with reverse side storage (behind the second row seat).